Sierra+Austin// Downtown Loft Love


Really had to hold back from blogging every photo from this session because frankly, I'm obsessed. This day was just SO GOOD. 

Myself and gal pal/fellow boss babe Kara Fishbaugh, of Kara Quinn Photography, put on a little mix+shoot in a downtown Airbnb loft. Our goal was to recharge and get re-inspired after a busy Fall season. We both felt ourselves sinking into posing ruts, and were itching to connect with other female photographers whom we could work with, support, and learn from. I couldn't have imagined a better group of women. 100% support. No bullshit. No judgement. No need to compare. Just ALL ABOUT IT!

And I have to just talk about this beautiful couple too. Austin and Sierra have a kind of love that is palpable. They did SO DAMN GOOD! Sometimes I feel like couples shoots end up being like a type of therapy for everyone. Maybe the couple connects in a way they haven't in awhile...maybe they grow even closer than before. I know personally, after this shoot, all I wanted to do is grab my husband, hold on tight, and tell him all the things I love about him.  That is the type of photography I want to create always. 

Clothing: Scout: Dry Goods and Trade

HMU: Parlour 1887