The Groffs//Wedding


Let's start here... I didn't meet the bride and groom until the day of the wedding. You heard me right! This last-minute need for a photographer for their elopement at Chalco Hills was brought to me by the sweet mother-of-the-bride, who didn't think settling for iPhone pics was going to be enough. In comes THIS GIRL, eager and ready to capture this sweet day. I found out she didn't have a bouquet, so the day of the wedding I quickly foraged some flowers from my apartment complex (while pretending to pick up my dog's poo) and had my best go at florist. I figured it would be a nice gift and a good icebreaker instead of just showing up saying "Hi, I'm Ali, and you don't know me, but I'm about to watch you get married to the love of your life along with the THREE other guests in attendance! Nice to meet you!"

The day was perfect. I, along with Kenzie and DJ's parents, watched in awe as they said their vows on the banks of the peaceful and still lake. Everyone was emotional (including myself), just witnessing something so sweet and pure. Kenzie and DJ's love for each other is truly special, and I'm SO honored that I got to be apart of their unique day.